The Year of the Ox

As Chinese New Year approaches on 12th February, we welcome vibrant reds, glorious golds and symbolic animals. But what’s the story behind this year’s celebration and how are we marking the occasion?

Fortuitous Gifts

Mark this Lunar New Year with a memorable mugful (or two). Housing an array of our fine loose leaf teas, packaged up in glistening gold and red foils that catch the eye. Choose from delicate Taiwanese Oolongs or a juicy, fruit black tea with floral flavours of lychee.


Zodiac Animals
The Chinese zodiac cycle repeats every 12 years, with an animal assigned to each year. The 12 zodiac signs are in order, the second of which is the Ox. Legend has it that the order was determined by the Jade Emperor who wanted to appoint 12 animals as palace guards.
The Rat was first to make it to the palace gates as he tricked the Ox into giving him a ride and jumped down ahead – the Ox didn’t mind, a testament to their patient, strong and reliable character.


To Be an Ox
If your birth year is the year of the Ox then you are said to have an honest nature, and are known for your diligence, dependability and determination. Your persistence means you achieve what you set out to do, planning meticulously with a strong faith in your actions.

Years of the Ox: 1937   1949   1961   1973   1985   1997   2009   2021
Lucky Colours: White, Yellow and Green
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